Energie Renouvelable - Energie - Groupe IWF

Renewable energy

Renewable energy - Installations oriented towards hydraulic and solar energy

  • Tidal turbines, cofferdams, etc.
  • Overland for hydraulic dam construction
  • Development of solar-powered overland
  • Development of structures for solar field
Energie Biomasse - Energie - Groupe IWF

Biomass Energy

Heat installation and/or energy production operating with all types of biomass: pellet, black pellet, class A, class B, CSR, straw…

BOP batch – Heat exchanges
Water-steam cycle
Handling and transport: Ship unloading (Stand HopTM hopper), Truck and train loading-unloading, Storage, Grinding, Screening, Factory conveyors, Wide belt conveyors
Dryers, Roasters

Nucléaire - Energie - Groupe IWF

Nuclear Energy

Exploitation of the energy released during the nuclear fission reactions of atomic nuclei in a nuclear reactor.

  • Exchangers
  • Filters
  • Columns
  • PED or ESPN
Energie Fossile - Energie - Groupe IWF

Fossil energy

Recovery of fossil energy from the combustion of fossilized organic matter contained in the subsoil

  • Batch BOP - Exchangers
  • HP/BP heaters, vacuum condensers, sub-turbine ducts, utility skids, thermal oxidation and energy recovery,
  • Gas stations
  • Ship unloading, Loading - Truck and train unloading, Storage, Grinding, Screening, Factory conveyors
  • Metal apron feeders
Traitement du Gaz Naturel - Ressources Naturelles - Groupe IWF

Natural Gas Treatment

Design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the treatment of natural gas.

  • Exchangers, Columns, Filters, Packages
  • Gas dehydration
  • Gas sweetening
  • Flare gas recovery
  • Transactional counting
Traitement du pétrole brut - Ressources Naturelles - Groupe IWF

Crude Oil Treatment

Design, manufacture and installation of crude oil treatment

  • Exchangers, Columns, Filters, Packages
  • Three-phase separators, electrostatic desalters, produced water treatment,
  • Metering
Mines et Carrières - Groupe IWF

Mines & Quarries

Specialized in the handling and processing of many ores and minerals for mines and quarries

Bauxite / Nickel / Gold / Manganese / Sulfur / Phosphate / Gypsum / Coal

  • Hoppers, chutes and silos

Surface handling:
Overland conveyors, Curved conveyors: Curvoduc™️, Conveyors suspended on cable, Factory conveyors
Machines: Polar and longitudinal stackers, Scrapers
Loading unloading stations: trucks / trains
Extractors: With belts, Wide, With Metal aprons, With Chains

  • Underground Equipment: Feeders, Crushers, Reducers, Mining Machines, Tracing Machines, Belt Conveyors
Chimie Fine - Chimie - Groupe IWF


The IWF Group has specialized for years in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for fine chemicals.

  • Exchangers
  • Columns
  • Filters
  • Packages
  • Dryers
  • Granulators
Nutrition - Science de la Vie - Groupe IWF

Food processing

Design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the food processing market.
Cereals, Meals

  • Utility networks
  • Roasting, Gasification
  • Turnkey installations, Ship unloading, Train unloading, Storage, Weighing, Factory conveyors, Ship and train loading
  • Oilseeds: conditioners
Engrais - Science de la Vie - Groupe IWF


The IWF Group specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the treatment of fertilizers.

Exchangers, Columns
Sizing of exchangers
Corrosive environment – Turnkey installations
Ship unloading, Storage, Weighing, Factory conveyors
Grinders, Dryers, Granulators