Allia Polska

Specialising in industrial pressure vessel, heat exchanger and piping fabrication located in poland.

ALLIA Pologne - Groupe IWF
Manufacturing Workshop in Poland

ALLIA Pologne, an industry in the heart of europe

ALLIA Poland is an industrial pressure vessel and piping manufacturer located in Poland

Expertise & professionalism

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Created more than 20 years ago and situated 1h30 away from Warsaw, the IWF Group’s subsidiary ALLIA Poland, supports its customers in their industrial development throughout Eastern Europe. Pressure vessel manufacturer, pipe fitter and installer, the Polish entity performs assemblies in a 3500 m² manufacturing workshop.

Bespoke equipment design is performed by the French ALLIA drawing office regarding process, thermal and mechanical sizing as well as structural design and welding procedures. From construction to installation, ALLIA Poland assists you in your projects, in accordance with regulations and standards applicable in the destination country.


ALLIA Poland

AlliA Pologne
ul. Pożowska 13
24-130 Końskowola

Rodolphe BELLET General Manager