Inmaculada - Groupe IWF - RBL REI
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CURVODUC™️ – Curved belt conveyor

It is in the heart of the Andes that the Inmaculada mine holds its treasures. Composed for two thirds of gold ore and one third of silver ore, this Peruvian mine belongs to the company HOCHSCHILD Mining. In order to exploit these resources, it became clear that building a road across the mountain was impossible. The solution lay with RBL REI’s ever innovative technology: the CURVODUC™ ️

Combining speed, flowrate and safety, RBL REI’s curved overland conveyor has perfectly integrated into the Peruvian landscape and is fully operational.


Ayacucho - PERU

Objective? Linking the quarry and the cement works while preserving the environment

Presentation of the installation HOCHSCHILD Mining in the Inmaculada mine, Peru:

  • Length of the CURVODUC™️ : 1 500m
  • Installed power: 2 x 250kW
  • Flowrate : 300t/h
  • Radius of 800m
  • Product: Gold mineral
  • Mine situated at an altitude of 4400m
  • CURVODUC™’s elevation drop: 350m
Inmaculada - Groupe IWF - RBL REI
Inmaculada - Groupe IWF - RBL REI

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