Fengkai - Chine - Référence Groupe IWF
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CURVODUC™️ – Curved belt conveyor

The county of Fengkai located west of Guangdong’s province, in China saw its landscape change in 2010.

In point of fact, RBL REI, subsidiary of the IWF Group was commissioned by its Client China Resources Cement to design a 40 km conveyor to transfer the limestone required to operate the cement plant.
This major project involved 3290 assembly workers for the installation of 12300 tonnes of steel for the metal structures and 5246 posts for concrete tables.
Pressed by time, the first line was started up in only 18 months.


Fengkai - CHINA

Objective? Linking limestone quarry and cement plant.

Presentation of the overland conveyor installation of China Resources Cement in Fengkai:

  • 40km Curvoduc™️ Conveyor
  • Installation across plains and mountains
  • 69000m3 excavated product per day
  • Belt width: 1400mm
  • Curves: Radius de 2000 à 4000m
  • Speed: 5m/s
  • Belt tension: 3150 N/mm
  • 2 parallel lines - 19 drives per line
  • Conveyor height up to 70m
Fengkai - Chine - Référence Groupe IWF

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