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CURVODUC™ – Curved belt conveyor

In Ferzikovo, in the Kalouga region countryside, 180 kilometres from Moscow, the "green" LafargeHolcim factory contrasts with its two other Russian sites. With a capacity of 2 million tonnes per year, this modern site has a priority which remains unusual in Russia: working for the protection of the environment.

In order to achieve this, RBL REI proposed its CURVODUC solution which avoids transfers by lorry from the quarry. Therefore, a conveyor ensures the transport of the limestone from the quarry to the cement works.


Ferzikovo - RUSSIA

Objective? Linking the quarry and the cement works while preserving the environment

Presentation of LAFARGEHOLCIM’s installation in Ferzikovo, Russia:

  • Length of the Curvoduc: 6 km
  • Installed power: 3 x 450 kW
  • Speed of the conveyor belt: 5 m/s
  • Flowrate: 1 100 t/h
  • 240 m range suspended bridge
  • Withstands temperatures up to -40°C
  • Multi-drives configuration with head and tail location

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