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FPSO crude oil extraction unit

It is in the sea, on an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading), that PROCESS SYSTEMS has installed its equipment for the YOMBO project. Indeed, La Noumbie’s FPSO, commissioned by our Client PERENCO, has accommodated the various PROCESS SYSTEMS’ oil treatment skids. Extracted and treated offshore Congo, this production will thereafter be used for global export.
Once again, PROCESS SYSTEMS has assisted its Client throughout the project. Following the design and manufacturing in France, it is directly on the Singapore harbour that our teams have been in charge of the assembly supervision of the various units, before transport to Africa.

Finally, PROCESS SYSTEMS has ensured the start-up of the installation on board La Noumbie in order to guarantee the process performance.



Objective? Crude oil treatment destined for global export on board La Noumbie FPSO.

  • Crude oil extraction flowrate: 15000 BOPD
  • H2S content: 10 000 ppmw
  • Crude oil H2S content: 20 ppmw
  • H2S fuel oil output content: 2 ppmw
  • Column dimension: Diameter 850/2500 Height 12 m
Traitement Brut FPSO - Groupe IWF

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