Echangeur Tubulaire - ALLIA - Groupe IWF
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Tubular exchanger - Eastern Europe

ALLIA, subsidiary of the IWF Group is a skilled manufacturer of tubular exchangers, hence an Eastern European Client’s request to quote for such equipment destined for the fertiliser market and used to heat up ammonia.

This was a real technical challenge given the material used. The corrosion-resistant alloy steel used is very susceptible to cracking especially during welding. Therefore, the metal had to be heated before and after welding in order to avoid any risk of cracking during cooling. For this project, ALLIA has invested in a Lincoln submerged arc welding pole, enabling regular and homogeneous weld seams.

Moreover, the shape of the shell is a fine example of ALLIA’s expertise.



Objective? Designing and manufacturing a tubular exchanger.

  • Empty weight: 122 tonnes
  • Length: 14 m
  • Shell Diameter: 2240 mm
  • Shell thickness: 220 mm
  • Tubeplate thickness: 510 mm
  • U Tube bundle 982 tubes Ø22 thickness 3.5 – Heat exchange area : 625 m²
Echangeur Tubulaire - ALLIA - Groupe IWF
Echangeur Tubulaire - ALLIA - Groupe IWF

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